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RHS is a renewable hydrogen consultancy and project execution team.

We comprise the renewables project execution and oil and gas industry expertise of the Lyndon Energy group of companies with CoreTec’s longstanding Hydrogen & Fuel Cell industry knowledge and networks. The result is 80+ years of hands-on experience across the global renewables, hydrogen and fuel cells sectors as economists, bankers, investors, engineers, project developers & technologists with global, longstanding commercial, financial, academic & government networks

Video Introduction:

The following link will take you to a short video introduction to Renewable Hydrogen Solutions covering ways in which you might approach your hydrogen and fuel cell opportunity as a developer or adopter of the technologies involved

The Energy Transition:

There will be no energy transition without fuel cells, electrolysers and hydrogen storage products – all of which are at a pre-commercial stage of development globally. Consequently, opportunities still exist for countries to co-develop the supply-chain technologies domestically by working alongside international product developers. Those developers have already spent £tens/£hundreds of millions on developing those products to their current stage, so why endure the cost and waste the short time available by attempting to reinvent the wheel?

Countries can also profit from the know-how surrounding the integration of energy transition products with their existing renewable energy infrastructure – not to be underestimated.

To maximise the benefit from the energy transition, countries must therefore rapidly develop domestic fuel cell, electrolyser and hydrogen storage capabilities and demonstration programmes.

The desired outcome from these endeavours is to avoid the costly importation of energy transition products alongside the costly importation of the know-how to build, install, operate and maintain those products. Instead, countries can become co-developers of these products and share in domestic and export revenues, alongside the export of renewable hydrogen itself.


RHS can assist countries with the development of relevant domestic renewable hydrogen R&D ecosystems across their universities, technical-institutes and corporates alongside partnerships. This will necessarily include the formation of international academic and corporate partnerships. We can assist with the design and implementation of R&D Programmes to accelerate the commercialisation of technology innovations in domestic universities, technical-institutes and corporates that are seeking to address the renewable hydrogen supply-chains. These activities are accompanied by RHS’s technical and commercial (industry) due-diligence expertise.

Project Execution:

Our project execution team can design, develop, screen and execute demonstration and full-commercial projects from project development into full operation. This can begin organically through local demonstration projects which combine the consulting side of our business. Such projects should ideally be populated by a mix of best of breed international developers (to encourage inward investment and knowledge-transfer) combined with local actors e.g. universities, technical institutes and corporates – all of the above in the pursuit of high skilled, sustainable, domestic jobs.

From demonstration to full-commercial:

RHS has the skills in-house to carry out Engineering Procurement Construction Management (EPC-M), Operate and Maintain plant (O&M) and ultimately build, own and operate full commercial projects as required. We can monitor the performance of demonstrations and apply techniques to optimise their value and knowledge transfer capabilities with local research institutes, universities and companies.

Executive Team:

Simon Robeson: Investment banker & private equity specialist with 25years experience of nurturing, investment and fund raising for H2 & fuel cell companies across the world from university start-up to stock market listing.

Phil Doran: An economist, a banker at UBS Warburg and former Managing Director of hydrogen production company ITM Power in Germany. Advisor to govt bodies & corporations on H2 & fuel cells.

Paul Bryant: A highly accomplished business developer and dealmaker with 35 years oil, gas and alternative energy experience within BP, GDF Suez and Lyndon Energy Group which he founded in 2011.

Lewis Jeffery: A distinguished energy executive with an international career spanning 40 yrs with BP & other corporations in oil, gas & alternatives e.g. CCS, H2, hydro & solar PV. Co-founder of Lyndon Energy.

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