Presentation on “Hydrogen in the Home” at this prestigious event organised by GASTECHNICS Magazine with the cooperation of the EUROGAS Association and Turkey’s gas distribution network R&D centre GAZBİR-GAZMER.
An article we were commissioned to write for UK’s Institute of Physics.
A section we wrote for the EU FW6 funded project ‘Roads2HyCom’. The fuel cell industry is dominated in numbers and to a degree talent by smaller pre-commercial players rather than the more visible go-to corporates. It shows the distribution of R&D expenditure between North America, Europe and Australia. It gives a good indication to the span and long standing nature of our H2&FC sector experience.
Written by Phil as Global Head of Head of H2 & Fuel Cells research at UBS Warburg. Whilst this document is 20 years old its treatment of the broad arrange of technologies that constitute fuel cells remains valid. Of course, the environmental arguments put forward today are far stronger than they were at the time.
Simon & Phil describe a Hydrogen Economy and the opportunities it presents for renewables-rich countries, that may or may not be traditional fossil fuel exporters.
Simon & Phil describe the opportunity for oil and gas rich Azerbaijan to become a major manufacturer, consumer and exporter of renewable hydrogen.
The Corporate Structure of the European H2&FC Industry: the failure to finance independent developers
11th Grove Fuel Cell Symposium, London
Financing Fuel Cell Projects and Businesses
6th International Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Summer School Ancona, Italy

Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Companies and European Market Failure
College of Europe
Building on Breakthroughs in Polymer Fuel Cells
Launch of the Joint Technology Initiative for Fuel Cells & Hydrogen in Brussels
4th Real-SOFC Summer School,Varna, Bulgaria.
Presented, by Invitation, to the Residential SOFC Course
Core Tec was a substantial contributor to this guide.
Presented at the Brussels conference entitled “Funding for RTD Projects and Infrastructures from
the ETPs by the EIB”.
Produced by Nick Owen (Ricardo) and Phil Doran (CoreTec).
CoreTec presented this discussion paper in Vienna.
Vienna, Austria
CoreTec is accredited for its contribution to this guide.
Brussels, Belgium
This guide was for a working Group in the European Union funded Roads2Hycom.
Brussels, Belgium
European Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technology Platform
Brussels, Belgium
The European Thematic Network on Hydrogen
Brussels, Belgium
Brussels, Belgium
Eighth Grove Fuel Cell Symposium
London, England
North Rhine Westphalia, Germany
Hanover, Germany
HSBC Investor Conference
Gelsenkirchen, Germany
DTI Technology Mission
London, England
European Commission
Brussels, Belgium
European Commission
Brussels, Belgium
International Conference
Lucerne, Switzerland
Generation H
London, England
Eyeforfuelcells Conference
Brussels, Belgium
Hotel du Parc
Villars, Switzerland
Core Tec was a substantial contributor to this guide.