Trade Sale (

CoreTec was initially asked to perform an assessment of the fundraising options available to BioDynamics. Following this exercise, CoreTec effected several introductions to potential acquirers. CoreTec was impressed by the enthusiasm, commitment and professionalism of QBR, the eventual purchaser.
The completion of this disposal illustrates the depth and breadth of CoreTec’s networks and deal management expertise.

BDR retained CoreTec for the duration of this action, which completed in January 2008. CoreTec provided the following specialist support:

  • It completed an assessment of the fundraising options available to BDR
  • It advised BDR on the production of a suitable presentation & executive summary based on an appropriate business plan
  • It introduced BDR to its financial networks
  • It reviewed documents that were sent to potential acquirors throughout the process.
  • It arranged and attended numerous presentations
  • It gave BDR strategic advice with regards to potential investors
  • It advised on the completion process, reviewed documentation and helped progress the deal to rapid completion.

The company was acquired by a trade buyer, in Jan 2008, with suitable financial backing and an attractive business plan.