CoreTec has been contracted by a number of SME’s & micro-SME’s to identify large industrial companies with which to collaborate on in respect of end-product development.
There are a number of reasons why micro-SME’s/SMEs look to develop meaningful technical collaborations with industrial companies, including:

  • A demonstration to investors of a 3rd party, independent technical evaluation
  • Expertise gap
  • Route to market partnership
  • Route to Exit

Establishing an industrial collaboration:

There is no prescriptive recipe for success in establishing an industrial collaboration. It is always interesting to listen to pundit’s generalisations about the industrial sector’s appetite for risk – usually such comments are grounded in respect of one’s stage of development and proximity to market etc.
In our experience, industrial companies are organisms with subjective needs. The likelihood of your being able to establish a tie-up will be down to you/your advisors awareness of those needs at the point at which you are hunting for a partner.

Case Study (1):

Client: ACAL, a developer of non-precious metal catalysts.
Requirement:   Chemical company to test and batch process ACAL’s catalyst.
Action: Introduced ACAL to performance chemical manufacturer -Thomas Swan & Co Ltd
Outcome: Successful ‘batch’ processed much to the satisfaction of all parties

Case Study (2):

Client: CELLA, a developer of Hydrogen storage technology.
Requirement:   Battery manufacturer to collaborate on novel storage device
Action: Introduced CELLA to battery manufacturer
Outcome: Agreed large joint funded development programme