Flotation (www.idatech.com)

Following CoreTec’s role as introducer (marriage broker) between IdaTech LLC and Investec Bank, Investec began the process of preparing IdaTech for flotation on the London stock market. The process began with a beauty parade of 7/8 key investment banks to assess their capability for the role of sponsor and advisor to IdaTech for its flotation. Core Tec was asked for its opinion and also recommended some suitable candidate banks. Core Tec was also asked for its opinion of the most appropriate technical and commercial due-diligence experts to carry out this role for the company’s flotation prospectus.

Another important role is the provider of financial public relations and again CoreTec was able to recommend a house with a reputation for securing sufficient column inches for its clients in the run up to and aftermath of a flotation but also that has a sector expert capable of presenting, with considerable credibility, its clients technical and commercial story.

IdaTech Plc floated on London’s Alternative Investment Market on 6th August 2007. Its price can be viewed on www.londonstockexchange.com by clicking on this link and entering the company’s name or its stock market code (IDA) in the “Price Search” box.