Screen Technology Ltd. (

Screen Technology Ltd, (Screen) approached CoreTec via its founder & major shareholder Thomas Swan & Co. Ltd, a performance chemicals manufacturer, and its lead investor MTI Venture Partners, a top decile Cambridge-based venture capital firm, to assist in Screen’s efforts to raise development capital. CoreTec conducted a company evaluation and subsequently spoke to relevant contacts within its financing networks. Based on this work and our assessment of prevailing stock market conditions we proposed that AIM would be the most appropriate route to a successful capital fundraising. Consequently, and under a new contract, we collaborated with Screen and its shareholders to plan and execute a flotation strategy.

Throughout the flotation process we utilised our contacts and experience to:

  • assist with the drafting of the company’s materials for presentation to potential stock market (AIM) sponsors,
    i.e. investment banks
  • arrange and accompany Screen to its investment banking presentations
  • assist in the selection of an appropriate investment bank and advise on acceptable terms of engagement
  • effect introductions to, and advise on the selection of AIM specialist accountants, lawyers and financial PR
  • act as a sounding board for Screen and its shareholders
  • identify and employ a Chairman for Screen with the requisite industry and flotation experience