Venture Capital:

CoreTec acts as company adviser, introducing the Client to its corporate & financial networks and providing expert industry testimony to potential investors.

  • Advise the Client on the production of a suitable investor presentation & executive summary based on an appropriate business plan.
  • Introduce the Client to its corporate & financial networks which included large corporates investment arms within its networks.
  • Review documents aimed at potential investors.
  • Make introductions to both SME and large corporate fuel cell technology developers that have an interest in forming developmental collaborations.
  • In the role of sector specialist arrange and attend all investor presentations, a number of which were CoreTec’s contacts outside the UK
  • Give the Client strategic advice with regards to potential investors
  • Provide strategic advice on and introductions to potential non-execs
  • Give sector expert testimony to all of the above and to the technical & commercial due-diligence firm that was hired to produce a report for investors

Management Buy Outs:

CoreTec originates opportunity, identifies financial partners and facilitates deal process to completion:

  • Deal Origination (CoreTec Approached by Management Team)
  • Review of company information
  • Introduce Team to potential buyer (Investec)
  • Conduct overview Commercial Due Diligence – which includes discussions with the Client’s customers
  • Select 2x Independent technical specialists to produce expert reports

Trade Sales:

CoreTec was retained to identify potential acquirors and to project manage a deal process to completion:

  • Completed an assessment of fundraising options available to the Client
  • Advised the Client on the production of a suitable presentation & executive summary based on an appropriate business plan
  • Introduced the Client to its financial networks
  • Reviewed documents that were sent to potential acquirors throughout the process.
  • Arranged and attended numerous presentations
  • Gave the Client strategic advice with regards to potential investors
  • Advised on Competing Offers
  • Advised on the completion process, reviewed documentation and helped progress the deal to rapid completion.


CoreTec has provided the following support to an investment bank to complete a Pre-IPO Research Note on its IPO candidate:

  • Drafting, into a pre-IPO Research Note format for the investment community, our investigations into the following areas of a developers activities:
  • • Executive summary, The Market, The Product, The positioning of the Product, A description of the solution, Company history, Management, Sales & Marketing, Manufacturing, Research & Development, IP Defence, Competition and Regulation.
    This involved the following activities:

    • Traveling to the Client to meet key staff and examine the technology.
    • Liaising between the parties under considerable time pressure to deliver an exceptional Research Note.

Initial Public Offering (IPO):

CoreTec has provided the following support in completed IPO transactions, to date:

  • assisting with the drafting of our client’s materials for presentation to potential stock market (AIM) sponsors, i.e. investment banks
  • introducing the Client to our longstanding contacts within the investment banking community
  • arranging and accompanying the client to its investment banking presentations
  • assisting in the selection of an appropriate investment bank and advising on acceptable terms of engagement
  • effecting introductions to, and advising on the selection of AIM specialist accountants, lawyers, financial PR and other advisers critical to the success of the transaction
  • acting as a sounding board for the client and its shareholders throughout the process
  • identifying board and executive members with the requisite industry and flotation experience
  • helping at all times to facilitate rapid deal completion