CoreTec’s successes result from the quality of its networks.
The Team operates a substantial network of relationshipsincluding participants within universities, technical research institutes, governments, ‘centres of excellence’, industry, independent early stage developers, venture capitalists and investment banks.
These participants yield essential intelligence on the political, industrial, developmental and financial status of the marketplace and generate a considerable deal flow, due-diligence and investment capability.

Technology Developers:

CoreTec has worked with a large number of small and large early and late stage technology developers over the years.
Specifically, it has completed multiple transactions across Europe and North America for technology developers at varying stages of commercial viability including multi-million pound acquisitions, disposals, financings and many market and technology research and development contracts.


CoreTec has an excellent working relationship with many universities across the globe.

Each university has its own spin-out culture and process. In some cases CoreTec works directly with the technology developers (post-docs) in others the relationship is controlled by in-house technology transfer departments within the universities – this is most common outside the UK. In the UK the technology transfer function is often outsourced to private companies, many of whom have worked with CoreTec.

Technical Institutes:

Intellectual Property evaluation is a key area of investigation for CoreTec and its clients. CoreTec regards technical institutes as the most independent and inexpensive of technology evaluators.

CoreTec has worked with a great number of technical institutes and in a variety of ways from using their technology evaluation services on a formal and informal basis to working in partnership with them, to advising them on funding or business planning for their spin-outs.

Government Research Laboratories:

Government research establishments are a source of spin-outs and consultancy work for CoreTec.

Historically, government research institutes were closed-off from the commercial world. However, for a variety of reasons they are often under some pressure to self-finance, which is helping them to focus on their commercial potential. CoreTec has first-hand experience of working with these institutions both in the UK and the US.

Industrial Companies:

Industrial companies are a major source of market intelligence, spin-outs, finance and expertise for CoreTec and its technology developer clients.