Working with creators of intellectual property:

Implementing and operating systems to nurture, develop, protect and commercialise new ideas.

Growing businesses from idea to value:

Investing capital to grow real returns for investors and stakeholders.

Nurturing businesses to allow them to grow:

Working with management teams to maximize the potential for their businesses.

Development & Commercial Partnering

CoreTec sets out a strategy to enable the Client to gain access to potential development and commercial partners & buyers of their product:

  • Provide the Client with relevant target company contacts
  • Provide the Client with details of relevant target company key personnel
  • Provide the Client with a rationale for each target company
  • Introduce the Client to contacts via telephone & meetings in UK & abroad as appropriate
  • Accompany the Client to relevant conferences for additional face to face intros

Commercial strategy evaluation

The problem is not the size of potential markets, it is building the appropriate research, development and commercial collaborations for effective participation:

  • Client technology & market assessment
  • Business plan review
  • Site Visit
  • Market evaluation
  • Networking discussions
  • Full day’s meeting to discuss CoreTec’s conclusions
  • Select high-level participants within relevant aspects of CoreTec’s networks for Client meetings
  • Arrange, attend and follow-up meetings

Technical & Commercial Due diligence:

CoreTec’s global technical & commercial networks contain independent specialists, often within technical institutions, across the majority of conceivable technological areas of expertise. CoreTec contracts, on an as and when required basis, with individuals from within these institutions to produce very high quality, in-expensive, branded due-diligence often to very tight deadlines.

  • Ensure impartiality by locating & recommending experts domiciled outside Clients key geographical locations
  • Agree Scope of Work (SoW) and price
  • Accompany selected expert to relevant Client locations
  • Closely manage experts output to eradicate linguistics issues from report and ensure timely production
  • Ensure report produced is appropriate for audience and accurately reflects agreed SOW

Model / Supply Chain Analysis

CoreTec uses its networks and experience to advise Clients on their location within their market’s supply chain by using current participant’s activities and models as locators and comparators:

  • Company & Relevant Contact details
  • Sector / Application priority
  • Competitors and complimentors stated R&D priorities & Spend
  • Competitors and complimentors pre-existing relationships
  • Competitors and complimentors stated launch dates
  • Competitors and complimentors stated performance criteria required
  • Suggested access routes

Market Audits & Evaluations:

This involves CoreTec evaluating the Client’s technology capabilities within the context of the wider clean technology market, its future prospects and the likely timetable to commercialisation. CoreTec also investigates other market participants, prospective contacts and potential sources of funding. In order to pursue such evaluations we require site visits and management meetings. The reports tend to cover the following:

  • Client Technology Benefits
  • CoreTec Concerns
  • Market Overview
  • Market Forecasts
  • Client Capabilities
  • The Military & Consumer Landscape
  • Core Tec Contacts & Networks
  • Client Contacts & Networks
  • Sources of Funds – Public & Private Sector
  • Exit Options
  • Recommendations
  • Conclusions