Non-Technology Areas of interest:

Outside the technology sector, CoreTec has assisted a number of companies with their growth strategies, financing and exit plans including, St Peter’s Brewery and Eire Mazraa. The principles we look for are the same – outstanding teams capable of executing ambitious, realistic business plans.

Technology Areas of interest:

CoreTec has considerable technology sector credibility, networks, high quality deal flow and the ability to expertly identify, assess and assist world leading developers of breakthrough technologies in the following areas

Efficient Energy Transmission, Controls,
Conversion and Storage:

Hydrogen, Fuel cells, Power infrastructure, PV, Wind Micro-turbines. Electrolysis, Super Conductors, Advanced Batteries, Energy Efficient Motors. Cooling Systems, Superconductors, Electric Drive trains. Gassification, Back-Up Power, CCS, Micro CHP

Energy Efficient Manufacturing Processes:

Metal / material extraction / processing. Novel manufacturing / building materials. Printed electronics. Novel Catalysts. Advances in oil & Gas E&P technologies.


Devices, Imaging, diagnostics, instrumentation (monitoring), drug delivery, E-health / services, manufacturing techniques, wearables e.g. wristwatches, to smart clothing, activity trackers, patches, ingestibles and smart implants.